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May 25

Blushing brides, find green, gorgeous dresses!

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Here's a cool ecobly company in Ballard (home to dozens of ecobly businesses!) - Twice Blushed designer Amanda Vernell takes "much loved" wedding gowns and reconstructs them into new masterpieces. I'll see if she wants my beautiful dress!
Jan 22

Red and green for valentine's day

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Find gorgeous, glittering jewelry for your loved ones! Valentine's gifts that are made from reclaimed jewels and gold -- untainted by blood and war. Give the gift of peace, as well as love, this year. Give all the glitz, glamour and glorious designs they deserve! All the while keeping your money local, supporting amazing artists, and keeping the planet safe, clean and healthy.

 Check out some of the choices! Order online through these vendors, or meet up with them in your neighborhood - your choice. Cheers!

 Alkemie Jewelry (Calif.) - check out the Peace Dove Rooster Feather earrings or  Coin Screw Lock Bracelet (for him!)

Jul 28

2nd life for shipping boxes, and green back-to-school!

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Just found this great used cardboard box company - They take great quality "cast aways" and turn them into valuable boxes. Getting ready to go back to college? They have a package for that. Moving your home or office? This is the greenest way to go! Check them out!

Get quality used, new, misprinted and overrun cardboard boxes at FREE SHIPPING. 1-2 business day delivery, depending on your location.


Jun 17

green up the red, white and blue with USA made products!

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As the summer approaches, one of the biggest picnic days of the year is coming- the Fourth of July! Plan your party patriotically -- the best way to do that is to buy local, sustainably made products.

 As always - first check out Goodwill, Craig's list and consignment stores for gently used items. Reusing is the greenest! 

 For picnic supplies, look for reusable plates and cups that are made in the US and green -- one of the best suppliers is Preserve. I have been using the same 20 plates for about 5 years now! Some "green" products, particularly those made from bamboo, are made overseas and made from virgin materials. Support US companies and recycling!

Mar 24

Free Earth Day & farmer's market signs for business members

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Make America Stronger this Earth Day! 

This is the year it will all come together -- we need to support local green businesses in order to help the planet and our economy! Find hundreds of businesses -- thousands of products -- made Green in the USA on the web directory.

Companies who join ecobly before Earth Day (April 22) will receive 2 free laminated exhibit signs with the Local.Green.Goods logo.

Mar 05

Boost your sales with ecobly!

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CleanFlame credits ecobly membership for sales boost

 I sincerely thank Kory Hamman for his gracious words about ecobly and wish him and his company more flaming success!

"I would like to thank Ecobly for the wonderful service and promotional products that we have received. We placed the Ecobly logo on our product box and it has helped with our sales growth of 426% this last year. We have received many positive comments from our customers about Ecobly and the use of the logo on our box. Thank you Ecobly.


Kory Hamman
CleanFlame, CEO"

Jul 15

Shop ecobly for the U.S. economy, and the planet!

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- Find Thousands of Guilt-free, Locally Made Products at --

You can shop to support the U.S. economy and still be gentle to the earth. Easily find locally made, green products with the ecobly directory. Companies that qualify for the ecobly label sell "made in the U.S." products made with U.S. materials. 

 "Not only are these companies not harming the planet, they are actually restorative - providing benefits," said Kathleen Ridihalgh, president of "Ecobly is the only verification company focused on sustainable products made of a mostly U.S. supply chain. Shopping from ecobly companies is guilt-free."


Ecobly companies source their materials sustainably from our landfills, recycling programs, organic farms and other creative sources to make products for our every need. This hat from Lao Hats is an example of a gorgeous piece made from discarded coats. No questionable imports here.

May 28

Speech at Seattle Climate Change Rally

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In my day job at the Sierra Club, I had the privilege of organizing a 2000+ rally in Seattle to support the Environmental Protection Agency's finding that global warming pollution is a danger to our health and well being. It was thrilling to see people of all walks of life -- toddlers and their concerned moms, junior high schoolers, college activists, doctors, lawyers, native americans -- all come out to say, "Yes, our federal government is taking on this enormous challenge, thank you!"

 Ecobly companies make a difference every day by producing green goods here in the U.S. and giving us a choice for low carbon products.

You can watch me riling up the crowd on stage with the children, for whom everything is at stake: YouTube Clip

Apr 26

Ecobly - "What good is this?"

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I can take criticism (gulp) - I can, really! So, when I got Walt's email titled, "what good is this?" I gave it a lot of thought. Maybe some other users have this question as well, so I figured I'd let you all in on the answer. Finding companies that meet the ecobly qualifications -- manufacturing goods sustainably, with local, green materials -- is a challenge, and I welcome your help!

Here's what he asked:

 "I joined ecobly this morning because I read about you in Waste & Recycling News. I wanted to see what you are about. I searched for car battery, not found, I tried beer, nothing, bread, nada, clothes, same thing, nothing found, swim suit, nope. You mean to tell me there is no american, local bread in my zip code?"

Apr 20

Flying in the Gort Cloud

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the gort cloudI met Richard Seireeni in the basement of the Elliot Bay Bookstore in Seattle. He'd just taken us on a PowerPoint trip through The Gort Cloud (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2008) - his book describing the ad hoc communications web that constitutes much of green marketing.

 I felt inspired and relieved after hearing from him and, subsequently, reading the book. Inspired because the book outlines 20 sustainable companies that have become remarkable successes -- I can envision myself among them someday! As a group, these entrepreneurs broke many rules, failed, tried again and succeeded.

I felt relieved because the random, mitochondrial nature of the Gort cloud mirrored my own chaotic marketing plan. And maybe that's OK. And also because he was accompanied at the book reading by his 8-year-old son, who helped coach him through some of the presentation. I see he also is balancing family and a life's work.

I highly recommend this book for you, the ecobly entrepreneur, to help you create a revolution by running your sustainable business (read my previous blog about some GreenFest revolutionaries).

The companies in Seireeni's book have paved the way for green business in America, but by making "green" profitable, they've also ushered in the greenwashers and hucksters.