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Jan 22

Red and green for valentine's day

Posted by kathleen in green giftsecobly products

Find gorgeous, glittering jewelry for your loved ones! Valentine's gifts that are made from reclaimed jewels and gold -- untainted by blood and war. Give the gift of peace, as well as love, this year. Give all the glitz, glamour and glorious designs they deserve! All the while keeping your money local, supporting amazing artists, and keeping the planet safe, clean and healthy.

 Check out some of the choices! Order online through these vendors, or meet up with them in your neighborhood - your choice. Cheers!

 Alkemie Jewelry (Calif.) - check out the Peace Dove Rooster Feather earrings or  Coin Screw Lock Bracelet (for him!)

Jul 28

2nd life for shipping boxes, and green back-to-school!

Posted by kathleen in ecobly products

Just found this great used cardboard box company - They take great quality "cast aways" and turn them into valuable boxes. Getting ready to go back to college? They have a package for that. Moving your home or office? This is the greenest way to go! Check them out!

Get quality used, new, misprinted and overrun cardboard boxes at FREE SHIPPING. 1-2 business day delivery, depending on your location.


Jun 17

green up the red, white and blue with USA made products!

Posted by kathleen in green giftsecobly products

As the summer approaches, one of the biggest picnic days of the year is coming- the Fourth of July! Plan your party patriotically -- the best way to do that is to buy local, sustainably made products.

 As always - first check out Goodwill, Craig's list and consignment stores for gently used items. Reusing is the greenest! 

 For picnic supplies, look for reusable plates and cups that are made in the US and green -- one of the best suppliers is Preserve. I have been using the same 20 plates for about 5 years now! Some "green" products, particularly those made from bamboo, are made overseas and made from virgin materials. Support US companies and recycling!

Apr 08

Mother's Day: an ecobly gift guide

Posted by kathleen in green giftsecobly products

I know, you don't know what to have for dinner tonight - but here I am to put a bug in your ear to think about your Mom. How nice to have some time to think about getting her something special, and not (just) pick up flowers that morning. Plus, if you order something online early, you can save on shipping!

 With that kind of time, you can do some "slow shopping."

Find a company in your town or state that makes the perfect little something for her. Visit their website -- or even the shop itself! Give her a gift with a tiny carbon footprint,  made locally, and filled with love.

Mar 29

Seattle's GreenFest - visit the revolution!

Posted by kathleen in green giftsecobly products

"This is a revolution!"

 That's what I kept hearing from vendors at GreenFest yesterday -- an inspired group of creators who are figuring out how to make amazing products from our trash-stream. That's right -- some of the best green stuff goes beyond the curb and finds great raw materials in the trash bin.

 I really enjoyed speaking with these entrepreneurs. Instead of the gloom and doom economics I hear on the talking head news shows, these business people were brimming with excitement and optimism! Must be because studies show that despite the economic problems, green products are still going strong, and there is renewed interest in products Made Locally.

Mar 10

New Member Profile: CleanFlame

Posted by kathleen in ecobly productsbusiness news

Ecobly welcomes another inventive member - CleanFlame, makers of the earth-friendly firelog. Want a cozy fire, inside or out? The CleanFlame logs are one great way to get all the warmth, without the pollution.

 CleanFlame logs are made from grocery boxes that are not recyclable because they are coated with wax. Born in Oroville, California,  the company collects grocery boxes from local retailers. According to its website:

More than 1.5 million new wax-coated boxes are produced each day in the U.S. for the purpose of shipping ice-packed produce to grocers and the food service industry. ...approximately 95% of the 660,000 tons produced each year were hauled to our overflowing landfills. Fortunately, two earth-friendly inventors recognized that high-quality food-grade wax-coated cardboard would make a HOT-BURNING SUPER-CLEAN fuel source! CleanFlame logs are truly earth-friendly products that save trees, landfills, and air quality. They do not contain diesel sludge wax (the common ingredient in most manufactured firelogs).  

Mar 03

ecobly kids: cool gift ideas

Posted by kathleen in green giftsecobly products

I'm planning what to get my daughter for her upcoming birthday - she'll be three. While the greenest option would be, "Nothing," she has already proclaimed her desire for surprises. When asked, "When is your birthday?", she enthusiastically responded, "When I get my presents!"

 So, what's a green parent to do? For the lowest carbon footprint gifts, I perused ecobly for the greenest, non toxic gifts out there. It feels good to know that the gifts I give her are actually good for the planet, keeping materials out of our landfills, encouraging recycling programs, and investing in our local manufacturers.

 Here are a few ideas. This is just a glimpse at the variety of eco-friendly companies on For more ideas, search the directory!

Feb 01

Beat the chill! Warm up with these green products

Posted by kathleen in ecobly products

It's Groundhog Day eve and spring is within our sights. But it is still very chilly in much of the country! Warm your house, head and hands with some eco-friendly, Made in the USA products. Find stuff made in your region to really lower your carbon footprint, while raising your temperature!

Find products to keep you cozy, from head to toe!

* TerraCycle firelogs and firestarters (NJ)

Jan 05

Green Jewelry for Valentine's Day (and I ain't talking emeralds)

Posted by kathleen in localgreen gifts

Are you thinking of buying your sweetie earrings or a necklace for Valentine's Day? You can really impress her by giving more than *just* a piece of bling. You can also give back to your community and support ethical, green jewelry. Not to mention getting an incredibly unique gift.

You can find glorious pieces by checking out estate jewelry or consigned pieces, or finding reclaimed gold and gems. Think outside the box for different kinds of jewelry - bracelets from recycled snowboards - how cool is that?

What does it matter? Find out about the unjust, toxic, destructive and dangerous industry that feeds our lust for gold in this month's National Geographic cover story, The Real Price of Gold. They provide a link to the Green Guide's  Sustainable Jewelry Buying Guide.

Dec 08

Holiday shopping - local and green!

Posted by kathleen in green gifts

I was thrilled yesterday to spend some time at the Phinney Neighborhood Center holiday gift and craft fair. These kinds of sales are the best way for people to get acquainted with local producers -- they are the "farmers markets" of ecobly businesses. Buying from these craftspeople is one way you can make it a "100-mile holiday" -- buying things made locally, from local materials. That's what ecobly is all about!